How To Make Carbomer Gel?2020-04-23

With the spread of the COVID-19, Carbomer, one of the main material for making disinfectant hand sanitizer, has been in short supply. Then, how to make carbomer

Material A: Carbomer 1g, Pure water 99ml
Material B: Several drops of triethanolamine
Material C: 0.5ml antibacterial agent
Tools: Stirring rod, measuring spoon / measuring cup, pH measuring paper, an empty jar.
Production Method:
(1) Put the material A into the empty jar and stir it quickly until it is even. If there is agglomeration, use a stir bar to crush it. Or just put half of the water, and the rest is before the transparent gel is formed before the antibacterial agent Join.
(2) Set aside and stir occasionally until the carbomer fully absorbs water and swells, and no lumps can be seen.
(3) It takes about 2 ~ 3 hours for the colloid to fully expand and form. If you want to shorten the colloid formation time, you can use the water heating method, stirring while heating, which takes about 10 ~ 30 minutes.

(4) Add alkali to neutralize. Slowly add drop by drop, and measure the pH value while stirring. At pH7, it is a transparent gel. (This step is very important, it is to form a transparent gel The key to success or failure. Add alkali to neutralize. Add slowly drop by drop in a dropwise manner, and measure the pH value while adding stirring. At pH7, it appears as a transparent gel. (This step is very important, it is the key to form a transparent gel.
(5) Add antibacterial agent, stir well, and the gel is completed.