About R & D 

R & D Center

In order to provide customers with high-quality, innovative products, Richest Group has set up R & D center, which gathered ten professional scientific research personnel, and we continuously invests in research and development. Now, Richest Group is still actively introducing and cultivating talents.

Professional Equipments

Professional equipments are the basic condition for new product development. The R & D laboratory is equipped with high-end analytical instruments such as Infrared Spectrometer, High-performance Liquid Chromatography, Inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy (ICP), etc. With professional talents and advanced equipment, our research and development capabilities continue to increase, so that we can constantly provide high-quality products to customers.

Quality & Sustainability 

Quality is the cornerstone of our survival. Pay attention to the importance of product quality, we use professional quality inspection methods for each product, such as high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC), Spectrophotometry, etc. With a focus on sustainability, we produce environmentally friendly products and protect resources. We have all-round management and comprehensive supervision to ensure product safety.
Innovation keeps Richest Group active and competitive. On the precondition of analyzing the latest market trends, we continue to develop new products to meet customer needs. At the same time, one of our important research is upgrading old products, optimizing production processes and reducing costs.